2019 Speakers

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Aaron Cummings is a software developer working in the semiconductor industry, currently leading a team working on tools for building and testing embedded memories. He has also had a long-term fascination with the space program, and has been interested in Voyager since seeing the pictures returned from Jupiter and Saturn in the 1980s.


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Allison is a Software Test Engineer at Dealer.com and has been working with the company just over six years. She has transitioned from focusing on manual testing to automated testing while continuing to advocate for a quality-first mentality on whatever team she's a part of.

Allison has a Masters of Science in Broadcast Journalism and a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication.

She has held jobs as an Online Editor for the Burlington Free Press in Burlington, VT, Video Journalist/Reporter for News 10 Now in Syracuse, NY and Webmaster/QA Coordinator at CPA Site Solutions in Winooski, VT before working at Dealer.com

When she's not improving her testing and javascript skills, Allison may be spotted skiing, biking to work, playing co-ed soccer or kickball, singing in an a cappella group, and/or advocating for green initiatives to help the environment!


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Bethany Robinson is a Sr. QA Analyst at Dealer.com. She started testing software in 2007 while earning a B.S. in Software Engineering from Vermont Tech. She is fascinated by the process of developing software and finding all the ways it might break. When Bethany is not busy hunting hunting down edge cases or Monster bugs you can find her knitting extraordinary things in brilliant colors and singing with Bella Voce Women's Chorus.


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Bill Wilder is a cloud computing veteran, with deep expertise in the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, with a technology focus on public cloud, distributed systems architecture, and application security. Since 2014, Bill has been CTO at Finomial, an early stage SaaS company serving the global hedge fund industry from the cloud. Prior to that, Bill consulted as a hands-on architect to giant corporations (including Microsoft), mid-sized companies, and startups, helping them execute on the cloud by providing architecture guidance, Azure training, and custom development. Bill began working with the Azure cloud platform the day it was unveiled at the Microsoft PDC in 2008 and subsequently founded, in October 2009, Boston Azure, the oldest Azure-focused community user group in the world.

Bill is co-author of two CloudAcademy training courses on Azure (including one on Azure Security) and is the author of the book Cloud Architecture Patterns (O’Reilly Media, 2012) which explains patterns and concepts core to understanding how to most effectively use public cloud platforms such as those from Microsoft, Amazon, and Google. Bill is also recognized by Microsoft as a Microsoft Azure MVP, a reflection of his Azure cloud expertise, a willingness to share it, and community leadership.

Bill speaks regularly at community events and occasionally at big conferences (most recently at O’Reilly’s Software Architecture Conference), blogs at blog.codingoutloud.com, and tweets from @codingoutloud.


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Bob Crowley is a Senior Software Developer in Portland Maine where he builds solutions in the .Net and Azure ecosystems. He has been writing bugs for over fifteen years, mostly in the financial industry despite (or because?) still not knowing the difference between a debit and a credit.

In his free time he likes to make the most of both weeks of Maine's summer out on the water either in a kayak or saltwater fishing.

Find Bob on twitter @contrivedex and see his occasional ramblings on contrivedexample.com.


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Bobby is a full-stack developer, advocate, and evangelist at Auth0. He is a passionate engineer with an interest in learning and teaching new technologies, using open source software, and engaging the greater software development community. His experience ranges from building line-of-business applications for financial professionals with Russell Investments and Milliman to distributed social content apps with Cheezeburger and Steller.


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Brie Hoblin is a software developer turned QA Engineer with more than ten years of experience. She has a B.S. in Website Development and Design from Champlain College. Brie started Sage Logik in 2016 and has helped various local companies to implement or improve their QA processes. She strongly suspects one of the reasons she is a good QA Engineer is because her horse has trained her well.


Christian Coté is an IT professional with more than 16 years of experience working in data warehouse and business intelligence projects. Before SSIS was released, Christian developed ETL processes using a range of tools on multiple platforms. Christian has been a presenter at a number of conferences and code camps. He currently co-leads the SQL Server PASS chapter in Montreal as well as Global French SQL PASS Chapter. He is also Microsoft Data Platform MVP.


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Dan is a passionate advocate for the open Internet focused on helping people understand the changes going on all around us within communication technology and practices. Dan serves the Internet Society as the Director of Web Strategy for the Strategic Communications Team, focusing on the Internet Society's collection of 20+ WordPress sites.

Since the mid-1980's Dan has been working with online communication technologies and helping businesses and organizations understand how to use and participate in those new media. An author of multiple books on networking, security, IPv6 and Linux, Dan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who frequently presents at industry conferences and events and has been blogging and writing online for over 20 years. His most recent books are "Migrating Applications to IPv6" and "The Seven Deadliest Unified Communications Attacks".

A graduate of the University of New Hampshire, Dan lives in Shelburne, VT, speaks English and German and when not in front of the keyboard can usually be found engaging in outdoor activities or participating in the sport of curling, an addiction he picked up during 5 years of living in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. More information about Dan can be found at danyork.me.


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Daniel has expertise in infrastructure, internet technologies, and systems integration obtained through 20 plus years of working as a manager, architect and developer on projects for mission critical back end systems that have included various cloud platforms such as SoftLayer, AWS and Azure. He has taught various courses at Northeastern University including ASP.NET, C#, and XML Web Services. He has various certifications including A+, Security+, MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure


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Eric Wright bas over ten years experience training web developers to make websites and web applications accessible to people with disabilities. He is on the Board of Directors for the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association, a Burlington-based non-profit that provides opportunities for athletes with physical disabilities to play recreational and competitive sports. Eric lives in Hinesburg with his fiancee Marissa and their two Australian Cattle Dogs.


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Everett McKay is Principal of UX Design Edge and a UX design trainer and consultant with global clientele. Everett's specialty is finding practical, intuitive, simple, highly usable solutions quickly for web, mobile, and desktop applications. Everett has over 30 years' experience in user interface design and has delivered UX design workshops to an international audience that includes Europe, Asia, South America, Australia, and Africa.

Everett is author of "Intuitive Design: Eight Steps to an Intuitive UI", the definitive guide to designing intuitive interactions, and "UI Is Communication: How to Design Intuitive, User Centered Interfaces by Focusing on Effective Communication", a groundbreaking approach to UI design using human communication-based principles and techniques. While at Microsoft, Everett wrote the Windows UX Guidelines for Windows 7 and Windows Vista. Everett holds a master's degree in computer science from MIT.


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Accomplished and innovative Senior Software Architect and Engineer with a reputation for delivering client focused solutions. Teacher, loves to speak and present at meetups, conferences and hack-a-thons. Developer Advocate and DevEx specialist. Tooling and framework innovator. Problem solver, team mentor with ability to work with and manage development teams. Interface with senior and product team translating business requirements and challenges into project plans and real solutions


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Joe Ng has a passion in applying information technologies to solve business challenges. As a consultant, he has helped many companies, from Fortune 100 to non-profit, in reducing costs and improving revenues. As Director of Information Technology, he has improved the availability and reliability of the State of Vermont’s mission critical systems. He has also taught university level classes in computer science and information security.


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Joel Lord is passionate about web and technology in general. He likes to learn new things but most of all, he likes to share his discoveries. He does so by travelling at various conferences all across the globe. He graduated from college in computer programming in the last millennium. Apart for a little break to get his BSc in computational astrophysics, he was always in the industry. As a technical evangelist with Red Hat OpenShift, he meets with developers to help them make the web a safer place. During his free time, he is usually found stargazing in a camping site somewhere or brewing a batch of beer in his garage.


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John Need is a team lead and civic hacking advocate working with Code for BTV, the local brigade of Code for America. He has contributed to several C4BTV projects including the "Green Up Vermont" app and "Safe to Swim," a machine learning project intended to improve Vermont's water quality through better data-data collection and analysis of algae blooms.


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Julie Lerman is a Microsoft Regional Director, Docker Captain and long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades. She makes her living as a mentor and consultant to software teams around the world. You can find Julie presenting on Entity Framework, Domain Driven Design and other topics at user groups and conferences around the world. Julie blogs at thedatafarm.com/blog, is the author of the highly acclaimed “Programming Entity Framework” books, the MSDN Magazine Data Points column and popular videos on Pluralsight.com. Follow Julie on twitter at julielerman.


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Kyle's been writing software for the last seven years professionally at the Vermont Department of Health, and recreationally at code camps, Meetups, and online. By day, he focuses on the .NET stack, including ASP.NET MVC and SQL Server, mentoring folks, reviewing code or interface design or internal processes, and supporting a team of other talented devs. By night, he enjoys spending more time on the front-end with JavaScript frameworks like Vue, serverless functions, and static site generators.

Kyle spends a lot of time thinking about cats and also documenting what he's learning on Stack Overflow.


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Malina Kirn is an architect at Dealer.com and founder of a local startup. She holds a doctorate in scientific computation from the University of Maryland and has eleven years of academic research experience in computational physics. She's worked in the software engineering industry for the past seven years, specializing in big data applications.


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Mary is currently a Java Developer Advocate at IBM, specializing in Reactive Java systems. She started working as a software engineer with C and Unix, then got into Java, Open Source, and web development in the new Millennium, and now she is venturing into Reactive, Mobile, and the DevOps space. In her previous incarnations, she worked for several technology product companies in the Route 128 Boston Technology Corridor as well the San Francisco Bay Area. She now resides in the Greater Chicago area, and is an Executive Board member and the Director of Meetings for the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG). Mary continues to be amazed by how software innovations can dramatically transform our lives. Despite the many challenges in an ever-evolving technical world, she gets energized by the constant change and believes that she has uncovered the pathway to stay young. She can’t wait to see what the next tech wave will be like.


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Maureen McElaney is a Developer Advocate at IBM Center of Open Source Data and Ai Technologies and enjoys broadening IBM's understanding and involvement in open source communities. Prior to joining the team, she worked as a QA Engineer at Dealer.com and is passionate about building tools that increase developer productivity and joy. She is an experienced community builder and is passionate about building diversity (of all kinds) in tech.


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I am a Software Engineering Team Lead in upstate New York mainly working on Xamarin and .NET web applications. While still being young, I have been in the field for 8 years working for start-ups, local businesses, and current Tyler Technologies. I love contributing to open source, help run a local user group on .NET, and produce a podcast about all things engineering.


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Olivia has spent her career designing and managing scalable mobile and web applications for many of North America's largest grocery and digital retail chains. A Rochester Institute of Technology alum, she believes complex software solutions are most valuable when distilled into simple, customer-focused, and elegantly developed products.


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Ryan Harter is a Senior-Staff Data Scientist with Mozilla working on Firefox. He has years of experience solving business problems in the technology and energy industries both as a data scientist and data engineer. Ryan shares practical advice for applying data science as a mentor and at blog.harterrt.com


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As a developer advocate for the Center for Open-Source Data & AI Technologies at IBM, va barbosa is focused on the collaboration between developers and data scientists. The goal being to make data science more accessible to developers and easier for developers to leverage the tools and practices of data scientists. It fueled by his passion to help others and his enthusiasm for open source technology.


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Valerie Sharp is a technologist who focuses on create user-centered digital experiences as a full-time UX designer & full stack developer. To help spread the financial wealth offered by the tech industry, Valerie founded Tech By Choice, a nonprofit that is working to increase diversity in the tech industry by providing low to no cost events for individuals in protected groups.